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A flat-top pistoned 454 w/ either heads and .020" thick shims will be down in the 7.9 to 8 to 1 CR. range imho.. No higher than 8.5! And you have to cc the suckers to REALLY know what your CR. is going to be!!!!!! pdq67 T Travis1 Registered Joined Nov 12, 2007 106 Posts #7 · Mar 6, 2008 With the 781s it had 9.1 with the 049 it had 10.3.

There has been many dyno and flow test done over the years to compare the 2 types of heads. The consensus is that with proper porting the oval port heads can flow just a well at above.

See all 10 photos Airflow testing indicated a peak flow of 332 cfm, but the AFR 265s outflowed the rec-port heads by as much as 53 cfm at 0.400 lift. The exhaust flow was equally impressive, as.

Mar 25, 2016 · 781 bbc head porting. by speedmachine » Fri Mar 25, 2016 4:24 am. Had a nice set roll into shop. Was freshening up valve job and noticed the port job done on these heads was decent. Flow peaked at [email protected] .600" with 2.19" valve. But flow got very turbulent right at .600 and went down hill quick. The previous porter put epoxy on trailing end of ....

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Jan 15, 2008 · always use at least +.100" longer exhaust valves on #781's to get enough installed heights..likewise intake valves +.100 the #781's have the most unshrouded chambers of all the OEM BBC heads ever offered...this makes installing 2.250 or 2.300 very HP + TQ beneficial. You use the 2.250 or 2.300 to get more material to shape in the.

BBC 454 to 470 CID “Old School” OEM 049/781 heads to a max of 5700 RPM, or Brodix Race Rite 270’s to 6000 rpm. If you like your neighbors, don’t buy this cam. It makes long black marks on streets. Recommend headers in the 1 ¾” size with 3” collector..